Plimus Live Assistance

Plimus Live Assistance 1.4

When A Customer Is Trying To Buy From You, Give Them a Helping Hand (See all)

Plimus Live Assistance is a real-time chat component you can add to your Buy Now page. If a customer has a last-minute question before parting with their hard-earned cash, all they need to do is click a link and they can be chatting live with you.

You can determine when you're open for business on the chat line, so that customers don't click the link and wait for a response that isn't coming.

Conversion Ratio - it's what we all live for. But what to do with customers who get as far as starting to buy, but then give up halfway? You can hope that they will give you a call, but that's what you've got already - and you know you'd like to see some improvement.

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